See what satisfied clients say about Lunney Advisory Group!

"Dr. Soheila Lunney is a great teacher! She teaches with passion and with great skill. I highly recommend her Negotiation and Contract Lifecycle & Supplier Relationship Management seminars. I have had her to conduct her seminars at multiple sites (in 2016 and 2017) and repeatedly to stress the importance to all stakeholders in the company of good negotiation and managing key suppliers."

H. S. Kopperud
VP, Supply Chain Management of a CA-based pharmaceutical company

"Soheila's enthusiasm and energy energize non-Procurement professionals to partner with Procurement in sourcing, supplier management, and due diligence. After two successful trainings at our San Diego office, we scheduled one in New York, too.

"Here are some of the comments from participants:

  • Very informative and engaging
  • Enjoyed the presentation
  • Presenter leaves room for discussion between participants on daily issues
  • Thorough, friendly, knowledgeable
  • I can utilize this in my Personal as well as Professional life
  • This seminar should be offered to the entire organization

"We are hopeful to roll out training in our EU offices next!"

Greg Wong
Senior Manager, Buyer of a CA-based pharmaceutical company

"We had Dr. Soheila Lunney as a speaker at our annual conference in March 2015. Her presentation on Procurement Transformation through Effective Change Management resonated well with our client audience. She was an articulate and engaging presenter that offered sound advice on how to make positive changes to the procurement professionals attending the conference. We look forward to working with Dr. Lunney again in the future."

Michele Fombelle
Marketing Coordinator and Event Manager, Intesource

"After attending a seminar sponsored by ISM, whereby Dr. Soheila Lunney was the speaker; I contracted the services of Lunney Advisory Group for in house training for my entire department. I was more than impressed with her knowledge as well as the format of the seminar.

"We are a small, fast paced custom manufacturing company, with little time to apply strategic efforts. Soheila was extremely accommodating to my needs; she listened to my concerns and structured a curriculum that would allow my group to immediately implement improvements with little time and effort that resulted in cost savings, value added services, and better reporting methods."

Lisa McCutcheon
Purchasing Director, Mosebach Manufacturing Company

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Dr. Lunney's training seminars in Negotiations and Contract Management.

"The class was highly informative, the material was well structured and easy to absorb, and Dr. Lunney's presentation style engaged and entertained her students. Her real-world experience allowed Dr. Lunney to share practical examples which could be easily and quickly applied in our daily procurement activities.

"Dr. Lunney's training session provided an immediate return on investment for my company. Plus, this was the first professional development class that was so much fun, that I did not want it to end!

"Do yourself a favor. If you need to to update your professional skills, or earn continuing education credits, have fun while you're doing it, sign up for one of Dr. Lunney's sessions!"

Jesus R. Gonzalez
Vice President Strategic Sourcing, Independent Printers Worldwide
President, EPKG, Inc.

"I had the recent opportunity to be in the audience for Dr. Lunney's ISM Lehigh Valley, PA presentation 'Procurement Strategies contributing to the Bottom Line.' From the outset of her interactive process and well-organized content, Soheila communicated important strategies and tactics, for Procurement, Sourcing and Supply Chain Management personnel at all operating levels, to make significant contributions to business P & L Statements and Balance Sheets.

"Dr. Lunney used multiple real life examples to reinforce each cost or process improvement concept and I was particularly struck by her innovative, out-of-the-box approaches to solving many of the most difficult issues that procurement folks face in their journey to improve business metrics."

Don Jean
CEO & Co-Founder, FocusedBuyer.com

"Thank you so much for providing me with the knowledge and confidence to take on the negotiation process head on. Not only did you help me with the technical aspect of the negotiations, but you also provided me with the motivation to better position myself as a buyer in the current market. Your inspiring seminar was well worth it and I recommend it to anyone and everyone that feels they are lacking the tools and confidence as a buyer. Please let me know of future seminars, I will definitely be in attendance."

Chris M. Hudac
FBC Chemical Corporation

"Dr. Lunney has delivered many seminars of the highest quality to the membership of ISM-Pittsburgh. Her keen ability to share professional experiences and engaging real-life case examples with her seminar attendees has resulted in some of our affiliate's highest rated seminars. Soheila has a passion for her profession and a strong desire to educate supply management professionals, which in combination makes her a valued asset to this ISM affiliate."

Lisa Romango
Executive Director, ISM-Pittsburgh

"Dr. Lunney's presentations on Negotiations and Back Door Selling to NAPM Reading were filled with information that is useful to Purchasing Department's of any size or commodity. Real examples and scenarios were used that everyone could relate to. I would recommend Dr. Lunney to any organization."

Eric Clemmer
President and Board of Directors, NAPM Reading

Participant feedback from our "Driving Procurement Success through Performance Metrics" speech at the Next Level Purchasing Conference (October 2016, Pittsburgh PA)

"Very enjoyable session — learned a lot"
"Dr. Lunney is very enthusiastic and a great teacher"
"Similar to previous NLP conferences, I rate her presentation as the best"
"Very upbeat, energetic, and educational"

Participant feedback from our "Transforming Purchasing to Strategic Procurement" presentation at the Procurement Forum 2015 (November 2015, Virginia Beach VA)

"Energetic, entertaining, knowledgeable, and a passionate speaker. I really enjoyed this session. Best one so far. I was ready to work after this workshop!"
"Ms. Lunney was very knowledgeable and an excellent speaker. The practices she spoke about are very useful to our jobs."
"Very enthusiastic speaker. Best session!"
"Presenter was very knowledgeable and did a very good job of giving real life examples. She was very energetic!"
"So far the best session I have attended during the forum. Most engaging! Thanks for bringing her in. Hope to see her next year."

Participant feedback from our "Transforming Procurement from Good to Great" speech at the 2nd Annual Next Level Purchasing Conference (September 2014, Pittsburgh PA)

"Dr. Lunney was outstanding!"
"Best session!"
"Dr. Lunney is awesome! Her energy, her knowledge and her delivery provided for a great experience!"
"Dr. Lunney is outstanding. She is Amazing!!!"
"Similar to last year, my favorite speaker! Took notes, notes, and more notes! Very excited about refreshers and the new takeaways."
"Best speaker of the conference!"

Additional referrals are available upon request.