Want to learn and implement procurement best practices, but can't find a resource that makes it easy?

You're not alone. But you are in luck!

Dr. Soheila Lunney, President of Lunney Advisory Group, and Mr. Charles Dominick have published an exciting new book that revolutionizes the way supply chain leaders and practitioners learn and implement procurement best practices. It's called The Procurement Game Plan: Winning Strategies and Techniques For Supply Management Professionals. and it's certainly not your average procurement text book.

While most procurement books in the marketplace are dry and snooze-inducing, The Procurement Game Plan is a fresh, innovative text that combines step-by-step procurement techniques with sports analogies for a reading experience that's both entertaining and educational.

Purchase your copy of The Procurement Game Plan from one of two sources:

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leader in providing Procurement and Supply Chain Management coaching, mentoring, and training services.  Our customers choose us for our forward-looking solutions combined with unmatched subject matter expertise and deep knowledge of Procurement and Supply Management best practices.  Our results-oriented and affordable approach will enable our clients to pursue and achieve excellence in their processes and practices.


Speaking Engagements and Executive Workshops

Dr. Lunney provides highly rated and engaging speeches at various conferences and executive workshops to stress the importance of strategic procurement and supply management for contributing to the bottom line and taking procurement organizations to the next level. Read More


Unleashing the Power of Compression Planning®

Lunney Advisory Group has formed a partnership with McNellis and Associates to introduce Procurement Professionals to the Compression Planning® methodology. This innovative tool will revolutionize the way Procurement Professionals solve problems, manage projects, and contribute to the bottom line profitability and success of their organizations. Read More

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Soheila Lunney, President of Lunney Advisory Group, has agreed to contribute and lead a blog on the newly launched My Purchasing Center, procurement professionals' source for purchasing information on the web. This website features articles, research materials, and blogs that contain what procurement professionals need to know to do their job better.

Soheila's goal is to post various thought-provoking topics, practices, and tips on her blog that procurement and supply management professionals can use to increase productivity, add value, and most important, reduce costs for their employer. Click here to access Soheila's page, interact with Soheila and your peers, and share your thoughts and experiences so that this blog will become an indispensable platform for everyone in the procurement and supply management profession.



Buyers Meeting Point (BMP), a website for procurement and supply management professionals, is accepting professional and scholarly articles for continuing education and certification credits. BMP has formed an editorial review board, with Dr. Lunney from Lunney Advisory Group being one of the review board members, representing diverse professional and international perspectives.  Read More

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